Development of Web Interface for Magneto-Optical Scan Device

A lightweight cross-platform client terminal without installation is user-friendly in many circumstances. With Node JS, a web frontend client terminal can be deployed easily on an embedded system. It is for sure, in the near future, there will be more industrial devices, which are connected with networks and provide a web based client.


The device is intended to detect manipulation of the VIN code of vehicles. However, for many users, the mobility of such device is very important. Therefore, it is important to have a wireless connection and a cross-platform image viewing possibility. Nowadays the web technologies extend the border of usage of simple HTTP server + Webkit in Brower. The control of device per se will be realized by the server side on Node JS environment locally.

The web terminal works as

- image inspection interface

- device control and status display

It can also be distributed as desktop applications with the open source projects: Node JS and Electron JS. The project is courageous by many open source projects, therefore it will be uploaded and shared on GitHub sometime after the release is stable and without any sensitive contents. 

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