Common Mode Inductor

Switching power supply generally introduces common mode noise in the frequency range from 10 kHz ~ 50 MHz or even higher. Therefore, to effectively reduce these noises, the common mode inductor shall have a high enough impedance. To achieve this specification, the high permeability Manganese-zinc ferrite and the amorphes material are the most appropriate choices. The Common Inductor's impedance Zs consist of the inductance Xs and the resistance Rs.

Typical specification of standard products:

2 15 ≤90 21x14.5x22
10 1 ≤10mΩ 22x17x22
0.2 ≥0.5mH ≤650mΩ 8.2x6.5x6

The following diagram descripts the relationship of Zs, Xs, Rs against the frequency.


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