Circuit board filtering module is the most suitable product for DC/DC power supply to suppress the noise. Compliance with the military standard, the working temperature is from -55°C to +125°C.

With standardized and customized magnetic components and EMI filter solution for military-grade power supply, UPS emergency power, smart grid, rail transport, Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, communication, Crootem Electronics involving actively in the renewable energy, e-mobility, defense and industrial applications.

  • Military grade single phase filters are available from 1A to 35A.
  • dramatically reducing EMC/EMI noise of switching power supplies and inverters
  • good common/differential mode insertion loss performance
  • wide frequncy range with typical 400Hz working point
  • customized design for specified insertion loss, working current, voltage, size and connection type

Crootem offers quick prototyping service, with very low cost. For more information, Contact our sales personals: