Development of OCR for VIN Code Extraction from Magneto-Optical Image

For decades, the law enforcement department has strong demands for the enhancement of digital image data to fight against crimes. The latest development of image processing is focused on the improvement of contrast and character recognization. 

 Concept of Image Process

  1. The resolution of the image is the sub-mm range, which means it contains lots of magnetic information of material texture. In order to get rid of these unwanted scratches, grains of steel and damage sample, the image shall be resized with lower resolution.
  2. The noise removal is more efficient to consider the image as signals in rows and to apply the bandpass filter to them. The filtering methods are well developed with many possibilities.
  3. a few certain types of patterns can be removed by introducing some defined masks.
  4. The residual noises are not necessarily all bad for the OCR. However, it is observed the noises are recognized as some unwanted characters. The Possibility of Characters and edges can help here to remove the unwanted information of the complete area or to crop the image to the useful area.


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