Solution of Power Electronics

Differential Mode Inductor

Differential Mode Inductor (DM Inductor) and together with the DM capacitor are commonly used in differential mode filter, in order to effectively reducing the noise in the system

The following diagram describes the frequency-impedance relationship as example:

Input Current in A Inductance in μH
@1kHz, 1V, 25±10°C
Resistance in mΩ
Size in mm
2 300±60 ≤150 22x13x22
1 15±10% ≤30mΩ 14x7x14
20 60 ≤11mΩ 39x16x39
15 55 ≤12mΩ 36x22x41
30 300 ≤6mΩ 41x22x46



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