Wireless Communication Solution for V2X

High Bandwidth Short-distance wireless communication Technology

Multiple Protocol Supported:

China: LTE-V


Europe: ETSI ITS G5

On-Vehicle device

Road-side Unit RSU

Wireless module

  • Communication in motion - 300km/h : Maintenance of Data communication and connection with moving vehicle, despite under speeding condition

  • Ultra-low latency - 5ms: Improvement of safety of transportation by avoiding collision with low latency of communication

  • Reliable Communication: Connection in 500m-800m range with encrypted data communication

  • High precision of localization: Realization of sub-centimeter localization by three mode satellite navigation and support of roadside unit(RSU)

  • Wireless ad hoc network: Connection of any device automatically within the signal coverage in an ad hoc network, even without the support of public network base stations

  • High bandwidth: Transmission up to 100Mbps

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