Uninterruptible Power Supply / UPS

By introducing the cascaded H-Bridge multilevel inverter topology and an advanced algorithm on a digital signal processor (DSP), the UPS inverts DC current to 3-phase AC output. Together with the modular, hot-plugging, multi-mode, decentralized logic parallel connection, touch panel operation, this device is equipped with the latest technology. Comparing with the other inverter, the power loss and the high order harmonic of output are reduced by nearly 50%. With the small size, we have achieved even higher power density.

This device possesses a 32bit DSP with150MPS, strong computation ability and task management ability, in order to realize this complex, high accuracy, high speed, real-time control system.

  • Multi-Mode
  • Small size and high power density
  • High power factor, small influence to the power grid
  • High efficiency
  • Modular design
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Decentralized logic parallel connection
  • Hot-plugging
  • Smart charging
  • Digitalized controlling

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