By introducing the cascaded H-Bridge multilevel inverter topology and an advanced algorithm on a digital signal processor (DSP), the UPS inverts DC current to 3-phase AC output. Together with the modular, hot-plugging, multi-mode, decentralized logic parallel connection, touch panel operation, this device is equipped with the latest technology. Comparing with the other inverter, the power loss and the high order harmonic of output are reduced by nearly 50%. With the small size, we have achieved even higher power density.

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With the increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles, the infrastructure market is growing accordingly. Not like the petrol stations, the charging stations are still located mostly in the center of some large cities and some highways between them. Although there are still a lot of technical difficulties with energy storage and the huge cost of transition from fossil energy to diverse energy sources, it is clear that the electric energy is the most flexible energy form for the next decades. For the charging system, Crootem provides a wide scope of inductive components and modular system for:

  1. Active Power Filter
  2. Uninterruptible power supply / UPS
  3. High power inductor/transformer
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Crootem introduces the latest active power filter to eliminate power grid harmonic. With real-time monitoring of current waveform of non-linear load, the filter removes the fundamental harmonic and shift the rest out of phase. afterward, the IGBT converter feeds the current back to the grid. Additionally, the filter can provide leading/lagging phase wattless current, in order to improve power factor of grid and dynamic wattless compensation (for example DVC). 

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